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Books by Gregory Austin

Greg has authored two books on the topics of politics and climate change.  While The 7 Myths was published over 25 years ago, it's theme and conclusions are prophetically applicable to our 21st century situation.  His more recent work, End Times Prose and Poetry was released in 2012 to highlight the dire consequences of our inaction that will impact the children of the world.

"The consequences of our abuse are about to become clearer as the climate changes and ice disappears throughout the world.  We can expect to suffer for the inequities we have committed against nature.  Without our recognizing our wrongs and if we don't amend our behavior, future generations have little chance of survival in the natural world."

End Times Prose and Poetry can be ordered on-line from Amazon for $9.99 

"This book is written to witness the need for reaffirmation of a strong federal union and a dominant Federal standard.  We must honor what is good in our government.  My purpose is to present a rebuttal of certain conservative principles that are reactionary, divisive and downright dangerous for the future of our great republic."

In 1996 The Livingston County Daily Press called Greg Austin "Duty Bound" - see article here

A copy of The 7 Myths can be obtained by contacting us at Return to the Beginning - you will be asked to pay for postage.

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