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The U.S. Salvation? Opposing Tyranny!

Our Founding Fathers gave us a more perfect union, that has lasted 235 years.  For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, we must have a rebirth of freedom, a rebirth of our laws, and we must defend all of our Institutions. Every single American must now decide in the election year 2024 whether they still believe in those Founding Fathers, in that U.S. Constitution, our flag, and most importantly all of our well-structured American Institutions.  

Trump and his north start Putin
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This is my one-year anniversary blog offering.  I write specifically to alert the reader that we as a nation seem to be on a path toward tyranny.  It is sponsored by ex-President Donald Trump and his followers.  Do Americans really desire walking away from the rule of law, our U.S. Constitution, our flag, and our Founding Fathers?  Do we want to replace our great past Presidents and other heroes of our Republic with Mr. Trump’s mentor Vladimir Putin and other autocrats he admires?  America is a leader in so many great moments of history.  We have not strived for dominance over other countries.  Our emphasis has been for decades trying to improve other democratically led countries. 


Consider this:  ex-President Donald Trump now often argues that he is a victim of the Joe Biden Department of Justice.  Well, let’s take a look.  He went through bankruptcy in his casino ventures in Atlantic City in the 1980s.  That failed business venture was whose fault?  His regular business in real estate was sued 3400 times before he became President.  Many of those lawsuits were for non-compliance of contracts.  He paid $130,000 to silence a porn star in 2016.  In January 2017, just before taking office as President, he voluntarily paid $25 million to settle with Trump University claimants who accused him of fraud.  In 2019 he paid a $2 million fine to the state of New York for misuse and abuse of his Family Foundation.  He had to dissolve the Foundation as part of the settlement.  He lost 2 jury verdicts over the E. Jean Carroll rape and defamation civil cases in 2023/24, totaling $83 million in awards.  These 2 civil cases could be reopened if defendant Trump refuses to stop his defamation of the plaintiff.  He has 91 felony charges after being Impeached twice while President.  He has spent in excess of $55 million of other people’s money on his multiple lawsuits.  Does this sound like a poor victim?


So, dear reader, it is quite a stretch to believe that ex-President Donald Trump is a poor victim throughout his business and political careers.  Now we must have answers to why the four major lawsuits remaining are not expedited to conclusion at a quicker pace?  “Justice delayed is justice denied.”  But strangely the delay is not from the government but from Donald Trump himself.  He retains dozens of lawyers to assist him in delay, delay.  He seems hopeful of stretching out the litigation past November 2024.  Maybe he is protesting too much.  An innocent litigant would want quick justice, it seems to me.  But his followers in this cult movement accept the constant “witch hunt theory”.


Meanwhile, is properly elected Joe Biden directly involved in the D.O.J.’s pursuit of Trump for wrongdoing?  This seems to be B.S., no question.  During his Presidency, Donald Trump was fact checked by the Washington Post and a Toronto newspaper, both found over 4,000 lies committed by President Trump.  Dear reader, for perspective, President Barrack Obama in 8 years in the White House had 13 proven untruths, however no officials or appointees guilty of criminal behavior.  What is my point?  It seems to me, “I’m a victim, I’m a victim,” offered up by Mr. Trump, is simply trash talk to impress the gullible. 


How about President Joe Biden?  Is he a crook?  Are he and his son, Hunter Biden, in cahoots on criminal matters?  Fox News hints, oh yes!  We all should remember; rumors and innuendos do not prove cases.  Our duly and properly elected President Joe Biden is not guilty of anything, except doing an excellent job so far as President of the United States.  The proof?  Stock market is breaking record after record, we have the lowest unemployment in 50 years, over 14 million new jobs, infrastructure legislation, gun use legislation, etc., etc.  Please fact check everything I have said. 


Now please remember, Fox News sells soap and pillows by distortion, innuendo, exaggeration and malice.  They have lost cases almost equaling a billion dollars because they don’t use fact check in their reporting.  It would be a good idea to remember Fox News went to Canada to open new shows on cable and failed.  The Canadian audience literally yawned Fox off the air.  Fox News’ attempt at their divide and conquer strategies, hostility toward government, did not sit well with the average Canadian citizen. 


We should all be reminded that there was a Fairness Doctrine from 1947 to 1987 on all F.C.C. licensing of radio and television.  Now, cable television and F.C.C. oversite is ineffective in promoting fairness.  We see exaggeration, innuendo, gossip to emotionally touch each other way too much.  Truth seems to be just another political opinion by many.  Fact checking is by many simply not used.  And conspiracy theories border on a form of insanity as is so often promoted by elements of Fox News!  The voter simply becomes misled and duped way too often.   We must rescue and retrench our accuracy in news reporting.  We must contrast and distinguish between honest broadcasts and dishonest broadcasts.


American politics is going through a wave of too many abandoning formal oaths and pledges to our country, our U.S. Constitution and our flag.  It is really a moral disgrace and becoming common place.  Eight U.S. Senators and 144 U.S. Congressmen voted no on the Electoral College tally chaired by Vice President Mike Pence, January 6, 2021.  Did the no voters have facts and evidence to substantiate their no vote?  The answer, dear reader, is no.  Chris Krebs,  head of Cyber Security appointed by President Trump and Attorney General William Barr, plus 62 adjudications showed no proof of fraud in the election.  So, what gives here?  Why is the big lie still believed by over 60% of Donald Trump’s followers?  This has many of us in a quandary.  Some have suggested it is a mob type reaction that should never have been taken seriously.  The very fact that so many seem to believe in the big lie is resulting in tyranny at its very worst, as fiction replaces truth and honor. 


Thomas Jefferson warned that tyranny may rise again in America.  If so, the citizens should rise up and deal with it quickly to protect our freedoms.


So, is tyranny a threat in America or not?  We have billionaires like Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch, both naturalized American citizens, who seem indifferent to America’s stand internationally, even though they took an oath to support the U.S. Constitution.  Yet they show no respect for our foreign policy.  Meanwhile, Fox News almost nightly disparages our southern border policies, acting as dupes and stooges for the MAGA Republican position.  Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson have made millions by critical and hostile reporting of crime in America and mayhem at our southern border.  And they often have reported duly and properly elected Joe Biden as a very weak President.  It is surprising how by oblique reference they take Donald Trump’s mentor, Vladimir Putin, and put him at a higher political standing than President Joe Biden.  Putin invaded Ukraine without a single valid reason.  Fox News has never showed one ounce of patriotism to Ukraine or NATO.  After 2 years Russia is leaking so many escaping Russians that neighboring Finland has had to shut its borders to keep Russians out.  Meanwhile, the west coast of the U.S. and Canada is flooded with Chinese immigrants.  The question we all must examine is why so many people are fleeing autocratic countries to come to the United States?  Why are we not seeing anyone rushing to the borders of Russia, China or Hungary for citizenship?  Someone at Fox News must be challenged to examine this newsworthy phenomenon.  Why?  What we have in effect is a propaganda position taken by a cable TV station to cash in on misled viewers.  The money is in the innuendo, exaggeration, lies given to the gullible, for the sale of soap and pillows. This is not just puffing.  It is a form of using tyranny for profit, in my opinion.


Our Founding Fathers gave us a more perfect union, that has lasted 235 years.  For the sake of our children and our grandchildren, we must have a rebirth of freedom, a rebirth of our laws, and we must defend all of our Institutions.


Every single American must now decide in the election year 2024 whether they still believe in those Founding Fathers, in that U.S. Constitution, our flag, and most importantly all of our well-structured American Institutions.  We remain a very successful democracy and as an 87-year-old man, I wholeheartedly believe in our ability to overcome tyranny in all forms that may be arising right before our eyes.


What is at stake here?  We need to protect our children and grandchildren from chaos and disorder.  Let us embrace the task patriotically.    

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