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Timely Poems from the Past

Back in 2012 Greg Austin published his second book, "End Times Prose and Poetry". It was dedicated... "to those political leaders who, because of circumstances beyond their control, now must face Earth's largest challenge." The book's main focus was climate change, but it touched on the political atmosphere in America as well. The following are two poems from the book that ring as true today, as they did 11 years ago.


Ranting daily with vulgar denouncements,

Ridiculing moderate pronouncements.

Down with liberals and progressives,

Up with conservative negatives.

Their own government held up to suspicion,

Taxes always in a demeaned position.

Those who do not fall in line,

Ares socialists and communists of evil design.

Listeners falling for the pitch,

As hate radio and television get rich.

Double speak, flippant finger pointing,

Still listeners quickly joining.

This tyranny of meanness

So contrived with shallowness.

Invites the many to the gates of Hell,

As the willing rush there pell-mell.

They reject love of country,

Paying taxes, and honoring authority.

Let us pray that they may see

Such nearsighted inappropriate folly

Chancing a hot seat for eternity.

Let’s Pretend

Let’s pretend they did it!

Facts, law, evidence be dammed.

Emotion and noise are in command.

Repeat the lies daily

Emphasis, emphasis, lies become truth

Say it over and over again

Your opponent is full of sin

Ludicrous as it sounds, too many believe

Destroy your opposition

To obtain position

Political punditry inaccurate

Sports punditry even more incorrect

Time wasted in buffoonery

As so many fail for accuracy

Society slips away from reason

As too many swallow the poison.

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