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Guns in America

How can we lead the world in so many areas of conscience, yet seem so helpless over gun deaths?

Who is responsible for our country leading the world (40,000 a year) in gun deaths? Over 600 mass shootings in 2022! We the people are to blame. Its the moderate voter who will not display more passion or righteous indignation in the face of repeated brutal attacks. Its the assault weapon owner who venerates his weapon more than the life of a nine-year-old who was killed in her elementary school by a gun nut who was able to hold Texas Rangers at bay for an extra hour to kill more children. It's the NRA who sells millions of memberships and whose leaders live like rich potentates, many of which have the nerve to venerate Vladimir Putin! (V. Putin, who allows few Russians to own guns!) As far as politicians, both members of the House and Senate have shallow explanations over the right to own an assault weapon, open carry, no licenses, etc. Legislation passed this year will not impact the number of assault weapons. Some states are taking action now which gives us hope.

The senseless death of innocent citizens is damnable and preposterous. Is it worth it to rid ourselves of our shame over these heartbreaking tragedies? It is foolhardy not to!

How can we lead the world in so many areas of conscience, yet seem so helpless over gun deaths? Some children are now afraid to attend classes where there are now regular drills to handle active shooter situations that may occur in their school.

President Joe Biden has the where withal, the experience, and the courage to take away this scourge of gun mayhem. If he has to have a fireside chat once a month while these mass shootings prevail, well so be it. Our innocent citizens killed for no reason are worth the fight. Let us all start with a complete Federal buyback of assault weapons so that we can stop looking like helpless fools to the rest of the world! It worked in Australia where mass shootings have been stopped by their buyback program.

We have almost 25 times more gun violence than any other democratic society. Let us resolve to end this shameful statistic. More guns will mean more deaths by guns. We have 400 million guns now. A civil and just society must act now to remove this disgrace from our midst. The majority of our citizens desire to have this madness end. They simply must go to the ballet box and put an end to this profoundly sad situation.

Would those 55 Founding Fathers that constructed the U.S. Constitution in 1787, be expected modernly to hold that the 2nd Amendment is more important than the lives of our children? They were decent and sensible men, not borne to madness, such as assault weapons used by so many. Would they honor the current tyranny of the minority over assault weapons? They venerated reason, not the worship of the second amendment, which 200 years later is brewed into a plastic interpretation that elevates guns above the lives of our children.

Let us join the many other civilized nations that have programs that restrict gun mayhem.

Editors note: This essay was penned over a week ago and was expected for release next week. However, yesterday's tragic events and our team's long running connection to Michigan State University demands that these words be heard now.

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