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The Question: The People

The veneration of the U.S. Flag and the U.S. Constitution must be spiritually reborn because the world looks to us to guard freedom for all nations that believe in it.

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How should the United States escape from the political chaos we are facing? The deaths by guns, hate radio and television, conspiracy theories, the hypocrisy and wrong doing while love of neighbors seems bygone. The answer must come from the people. Their vote is their power. We all must stress the importance of honest voting. The “Big Lie” has been debunked nationally by 62 court cases and only vain conspiracy theorists are unconvinced. New voters must know the grandeur of such a long-lasting U.S. Constitution, the rule of law and accountability. Without that the country suffers. The U.S is stressed politically and must return to the beginning to keep us rational. Those patriotic colonists that took up arms against King George III looking for American Independence did not lose their soul while fighting for freedom. When the British were defeated, Americans did not seek reprisals or vengeance. Instead our Founding Fathers looked inward to examine ways to construct good government with checks and balances, fairness between states and a good court system to avoid mob rule. Those 55 Constitutionalists in Philadelphia in 1787 wanted shared power by and for the people. They rejected autocrats and kings as leaders.

Presidents Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and most others were law abiding and did not worship power. Most American Presidents really did care about the judgments of history over their legacy while in office.

We must do our civic duty to maintain the integrity and the importance of voting. Texas has nine million eligible voters who have not registered. That is a disgrace. Every citizen in the U.S. must be reminded over and over to honor the flag and our Constitution by voting. And those who have gained much from our free enterprise system must give back to keep freedom alive. Those 55 Founding Fathers were the wealthy class no doubt there, but they sought good government rather than power and more riches. We have over 700 billionaires in the U.S. right now that have a civic duty to protect our laws and way of life. Shouldn’t there be at least 55 of the richest that will help maintain a splendid, long lasting Constitution? Political chaos and bad government impact the wealthy as well.

Now all classes of American citizens must rise up to keep our children and grandchildren safe from physical and economic harm. The spirit of World War II is a great story of American success. Between 1941-1945 our steel production outdid Germany and Japan combined. We shared food with many allies. Our citizens worked 24/7 to gain a major victory. The people did it, buying war stamps and bonds. Imagine, many citizens gave extra taxes to our Treasury. And religious anti-war Quakers were medics in combat zones in Europe and Japan.

The veneration of the Flag and the Constitution must be spiritually reborn because the world looks to us to guard freedom for all nations that believe in it.

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