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The Slayer of Truth, Honesty and Decency

How was the ex-President over truth and honesty while the executive? The Washington Post and the Toronto Star newspapers found over 4,000 fact checked lies told by him. Meanwhile, in 8 years as the chief executive, Barack Obama had 13 fact checked lies. Thomas Jefferson said that there were no angels in government.

Trump bragging over killing Truth, Honor and Decency

I am 86, a grandfather, a retired small business owner, an amateur writer, and a student of American history. In the 8th grade I attended a one room school house. In our Civics class, we were introduced to the War of Independence in 1775, the U.S. Constitution, and we cited the pledge of allegiance to the flag every morning. Meanwhile, I remember memorizing the Gettysburg Address, and reading the book: Lincoln the Unknown.

I am an Army veteran with 2 older brothers buried in Arlington Cemetery. They fought for our flag and the U.S. Constitution. They most definitely did not fight to protect the ambitions of any wannabee dictator who is desiring to replace a free country.

Ex-President Donald Trump is a self-appointed king. He has very strong opinions about our military. He felt that those American G.I.s who gave their lives in World War II were suckers. He himself had a medical letter that kept him out of the military draft because of bone spurs. He has also expressed a desire to put General Mark Milley, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to death for having made a necessary call to a Chinese counterpart. Mr. Trump often expresses outright envy of the political power held by Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orban, and Xi of China. He also has suggested the U.S. Constitution is not a document he admires and that it could be suspended. So, the question is, are 25% of the American voting public ready to give up on one of the greatest political documents ever created by man? That is going to be a question that will need to be answered during next year's election.

In the presidential election of 2020 ex-President Trump did not like the proven results wherein he was the loser. So, he hatched the BIG LIE in an attempt to hold on to the presidency. Mind you, he and his operatives produced no valid facts or evidence to support his position. As a matter of fact, there were over 60 court cases that actually proved the "big lie" was indeed just a big lie. History will note that after the January 6th riot at the Capitol Building was quelled, there was a vote to accept or reject the Electoral College results. Note well, that 8 U.S. Senators and over 140 Congressmen of the 500 votes cast, voted "no" on accepting the legitimacy of the Joe Biden victory. Did they produce facts or evidence to support their no vote? No, they did not. And 2 of the U.S. Senators were notably graduates of the Harvard School of Law. Do these gentlemen still support the big lie as factual? We must hold them accountable by demanding the evidence they used to arrive at their position.

Was ex-President Trump litigious as a businessman before coming President? Yes, with over 3,400 legal cases. Many of those cases were brought by others, suing him for not paying their invoices.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump grumpily and constantly suggests he is a victim of a witch hunt by his political opponents. Well, let’s look back to his earlier business failings. In Atlantic City, who made his casino venture fail? Then, he paid a porn star $130,000 for her silence. How was he a victim? When he voluntarily paid $25,000,000 to get rid of the Trump University claimants—how was that the work of his opponents? When he paid a $2,000,000 fine to the State of New York for abusing the legal tenets of his family foundation, which had to be abandoned, how was he a victim? How was he a victim in the two impeachments while President? Did he not have 100 Russian operatives assist him on the Presidential Election? Did he not speak of getting negative evidence against Joe Biden from the Ukrainian government in the second impeachment?

As President, Mr. Trump broke a record for deficit spending, totaling near 8 trillion dollars. No first term president has ever done that. Did he break a record for a tax cut given to the already rich that cost us a trillion dollars in lost revenue? He sure did!

Did a jury award E. Jean Carrol $5,000,000 in a civil lawsuit for assault? Yup. Is there possibly more damages coming on that case as a result of the ex-President continuing to slander the plaintiff? Yup!

Now ex-President Trump has a New York business lawsuit pending against him. He has lawsuits in Washington D.C., Georgia, and Florida, totaling over 90 felony charges. Is he innocent until proven guilty on these pending charges? Yes, he is, but stay tuned.

How was the ex-President over truth and honesty while the chief executive? The Washington Post and the Toronto Star newspapers found over 4,000 fact checked lies told by him. Meanwhile, in 8 years as the chief executive, Barack Obama had 13 fact checked lies. Thomas Jefferson said that there were no angels in government.

As stated earlier, Mr. Trump was not a frugal spender as President. And he had a record number of employee turnovers in the White House. Also, his cabinet was remarkably ineffective. As President, he constantly embellished Vladimir Putin as a good leader. He even had the Russian ambassador, other Russian operatives and the state controlled Russian press in his office without a single American press man or woman there to document the facts. At a conference in Helsinki, Finland, Trump voiced positive support of Vladimir Putin while disparaging the U.S. intelligence department.

This coming election will test our U.S. Constitution and our flag as never before. We simply must adhere to truth and respect for our laws and our institutions. Every eligible voter in 2024 must study the issues and vote with a good conscience.

Is one of the greatest political experiments for liberty and freedom being threatened? You betcha.

We now require more than ever, a rebirth of liberty, freedom and the rule of law. All Americans of conscience must look back to the beginning of this great nation and now stand guard at freedom’s gate to keep the wishes of those 55 men in Philadelphia in 1787 alive and well. So, let us call upon God to assist in protecting this sweet land of liberty for another 235 years.

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