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The Youth Vote in the U.S.

The outcome of the 2024 Presidential election will impact the younger generation for many years to come.  So, it is incumbent upon them to use as much knowledge as possible at the polls. All the young voters out there that desire a safe protected political future should dedicate themselves to the rule of law and to studying all the political facts leading up to 2024. The youth of America must stand guard at freedom’s gate so that their future is fully protected.

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The 2024 election cycle is going to be the most important since 1860, the start of the Civil War.  The outcome of the election will impact the younger generation (under 30) for many years to come.  So, it is incumbent upon them to use as much knowledge as possible at the polls.


If you do not believe in our Founding Fathers, (those 55 men in Philadelphia in 1787), if you do not believe in the U. S. Constitution or our American flag, just please note I am a moderate and a great admirer of all three.  If you believe ex-President Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity of Fox News are truth tellers, you may want to save your eyes (and time) and quit reading my memorandum and go on to something else. 


I am 86, a retired small business owner, an amateur writer, and an Army veteran.  I have two older brothers buried in Arlington Cemetery.  They fought for the U.S. Constitution and the American flag.  I can assure all voters of all ages, they did not fight for a future wannabee dictator.


Ex-President Donald Trump once stated that those G.I.s that fought and died for the United States in World War II were suckers.  He himself was able to get a false medical report to avoid the military draft.  As President of the United States, Trump did not get along with his Chairman of the Joing Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, who Trump tagged for the job.  Later on, the President suggested Mark Milley should be put to death for having a necessary converstation with a Chinese counterpart unknown to the President.  Mr. Trump seemed to look in the mirror and see himself as a king, not a President.  He thought that all of his U.S. generals should bend to his will even if it was a violation of the U.S. Constitution.


To this day (12-11-23) Mr. Trump will not admit that the big lie of January 6th, 2021 was orchestrated by him,  with hardly a scintilla of facts or evidence to support what he called, “the steal”.  He has an overwhelming need to fabricate, to obscure, and further, to deal in conspiracy theories.  It should be well noted that once a follower commits to him politically and should change their allegiance, he considers them a turncoat.  What is his message for those who might disagree with him?  He simply promises retribution.


How does he handle current legal matters which may threaten him?  He simply says, it’s all a “witch hunt.”  And he further suggests it is the Department of Justice using lawsuits as a weapon to ruin his reputation.  The DOJ and several other state jurisdictions have brought 91 criminal charges in total against him.  Is there any merit to his arguments that he is a victim?  No there is not.  It is all a crock.  The voters that supported him in 2016 got taken, as he put the country in debt to the tune of almost  8 trillion dollars, in only 4 years!  Further, his tax giveaway to the rich and corporations has impacted the U.S. Treasury in lost revenue and will have long term negative effects into the future.  While President, he had one of the highest rates of White House staff turnover in history.  His accomplishments in the political arena as President were minimal, despite all of his self-serving boasts.  Current President Joe Biden, for example, has produced 14.1 million new jobs in less than 3 years as President.  Meanwhile, ex-President Trump, in 4 years, only produced 6 million new jobs.


It should be noted that before taking office, Mr. Trump paid a porn star $130,000 for her silence.  Several days before being sworn in as President, he paid a $25 million fine to get rid of the Trump University claimants who had accused him of fraud.  While President, he was impeached twice; once for alleged obstruction of justice as 100 Russian operatives tried to influence the outcome of the election, and the second was for an attempt to obtain negative untrue information regarding Joe Biden from Ukrainian leaders. 


In 2019 then President Trump paid the state of New York a $2,000,000 fine for abusing his family Foundation and he was forced to dissolve it.  It appears to many that the real victims in this era were the U.S. Treasury, the U.S. Constitution and the American flag.   There was no witch hunt aimed at creating trouble when in fact his problems were self-induced.


The senators and congressmen that voted no on accepting the January 6, 2021 validation of the election is an embarrassment to our country.  Truth has a very long tail and never goes away.  So, for those who still believe in the big lie, we must all feel pity for them, “for they know not what they do”.  


There were over 60 adjudications that found no fraud in the 2020 presidential election.  Chris Krebs, head of Cyber Security, and William Barr, Attorney General, both appointed by President Donald Trump, suggested shortly after the 2020 election that it was free of any widespread fraud.  They were both promptly dismissed by President Trump even though their appointment in office had almost 2 more months to go.  Was it simply that these two gentlemen told the truth?  Clearly! 


We must time and again absorb facts, so that the people can properly decide on how to make decisions that impact the government.  Importantly we should never give in to an individual that wants to be an autocrat or a dictator.  Too often Mr. Trump pours on many falsehoods to confuse the voter.  We must grasp truth above all else.


So, all the young voters out there that desire a safe protected political future should dedicate themselves to the rule of law and to studying all the political facts leading up to 2024.


The last thing that is needed now and must never be forgotten is that for 80 years the United States has been the political leader internationally by the use of moral suasion.  When Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, many Russians voted with their feet to get out of the country.  Finland had to close its borders because of so many immigrants from Russia.  Recently its been noted that Chineese citizens are applying for citizenship in the United States and Canada at an increased rate.  Meanwhile, over 800,000 immigrants have also voted with their feet by trying to enter the United States of America.  Why?  Well, we have found 14 million new jobs in the past 3 years, our unemployment rate is steady under 4% (a modern U.S. record).  We have passed laws over improving oversite of gun owners, climate change, inflation, and infrastructure.  We lead the world in many, many political positives.  Surprisingly, we are number one in the world for oil production.


Let’s think positive and keep America free as a country full of loyal citizens who will not be fooled by the malcontents, who will too often fail to see our great accomplishments.


Is America still the sweet land of liberty?  It certainly is and must remain so for another 200 more years.  We can make it happen by being good citizens, and using due diligence in the voting booth.  The youth of America must stand guard at freedom’s gate so that their future is fully protected.  God bless America and our flag.

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I honestly don't get J6. if that scares you, I wish I lived in your world.

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Trump 2024

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