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Truth Bombs Will Save Our Democracy!

America must rise, not fall as we confront lies and disinformation at a critical time in our history.   This is the year to be dedicated to truth, freedom and the spirit of our Founding Fathers.  We must make our children proud to remain Americans. How do we accomplish our mission?  We do it by truth bombs—the telling of truth in the political marketplace.

Truth bomb dropping on Republican Politicians
"Uh-Oh, it's God and Truth, find some rocks to crawl under!"

Truth is often now, just another political opinion according to many.  But truth lasts forever and belongs in all political endeavors or tyranny will simply attempt to replace it.


Several years ago, five U.S. congressmen fell out of a cuckoo’s nest!  Where are they now?  Right this minute, these five (2 women) are in positions of power as MAGA Republicans in the U.S. Congress.  One of their missions is to impeach duly elected President Joe Biden.  The charge?  The wrongdoing?  Well, they are still searching, claiming it is just a matter of time before something turns up.  Why the need to pursue a President with 50 years of political service to the United States of America?  Let’s start with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who warned us 2 years ago that if the MAGA Republicans took over the U.S. Congress, they would seek retribution towards the Democrats for what they did by impeaching ex-President Donald Trump twice.  So now oversite by the majority party in Congress does not need to show anything but revenge in bringing on an impeachment?  Mob rule, not facts and evidence, is what MAGA Republicans proudly stand for.  It is truly sick and costly to the taxpayer, but Mr. Gingrich said that would be the mission if they took power in 2022. 


Meanwhile, has the Republican majority in the House of Representatives accomplished anything other than hounding the opposition?  Have they, with their majority, resolved the immigrant problem at the border?  No, they have not.  In fact, they assert it’s President Joe Biden’s problem, “not ours”.  The madness at the border is a gift that keeps on coming and giving MAGA Republicans and Fox "News" a chance to rant and rave against our duly elected President.  Ex-President Donald Trump is the shadow boxer calling out all MAGA representatives in the U.S. House to not support resolutions at the border and to not support our obligations to Ukraine.


Ukraine is now wilting and dying without support from the United States.  American MAGA Senators and Congressmen could care less about their country’s treaties or promises made.  Who is advantaged by this approach?  Vladimir Putin is ex-President Donald Trump’s mentor and the obvious beneficiary for a lack of support to Ukraine.  Don’t forget, recently Vladimir Putin stated that Poland was the cause of World War II to break out, not Adolf Hitler!  Modernly Vladimir Putin now sees so many Russians fleeing their own country that Finland has had to close its borders to keep them out.  He captures American citizens and sends them to prisons.  He executes his opponents whether they be in or out of Russia.  Meanwhile, Donald Trump describes Vladimir Putin as a political genius.  We must as a nation ask Fox News in their interviews with Donald Trump to obtain answers to these three questions:


1.     Do you still consider Vladimir Putin a political genius? 

2.     Do you consider Vladimir Putin as a superior political figure over George Washington or Ronald Reagan?

3.     Do you consider Vladimir Putin as someone to look up to in the political arena?


The American voter needs to know honest answers over these questions and we need them right now.  Why is this ex-President always kissing the ring of a Russian dictator?  Let’s get these legitimate questions answered before Ukraine is wiped off the map. The number one bully of the world invaded Ukraine. It is reported that he lives in a $1.3 billion house, while 20% of the Russian population still do not have running water in their homes.


Why does Fox News many times a week show the chaos at the border and blame President Joe Biden for the mess?  When the truth is that none of the MAGA Republicans, including Governor Greg Abbott of Texas and Donald Trump really want the border matter resolved.  This is actually tyranny used by Fox News, CPAC, and MAGA Republicans advancing shameless and devious political assertions.  When Fox News and right-wing radio stations began evolving, they were called hate radio and hate television.  Their political positions have now reinstated the accuracy of that word—hate.  We can add innuendo, distortion, disinformation and deceitfulness to the group.  Fact check me, please, because it is true and it is un-American and disgusting.  Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity both obliquely represent Vladimir Putin!  What’s going on here?  The public is entitled to know exactly why Fox News holds the Russian and Hungarian governments in higher esteem than the United States government.


Why is it that Fox News continually reports crime in America is out of control, especially by immigrants under President Joe Biden, when in fact crime is down in many areas of America?  Why does Fox News feel the need to exaggerate, distort and mislead?  Why do they need to destroy the reputation of Hunter Biden?  Especially when we now see indicted Russian operatives lending false information to the MAGA Republicans and the House of Representatives.  What is going on with these escapees from the cuckoo’s nest?  C’mon, voters.  Let’s not put up with these un-American activities which are so unprofessional!  This smear stuff that advances the position of Russia is in need of condemnation.  The voter can no longer sit on the sidelines or accept so many untruths. We must say more, and do more.


Is CNN, MSNBC, or other moderate cable stations engaged in these tangled webs of deceit and disinformation?  None compares to Fox News or Newsmax.  There is no fairness doctrine practiced by either one.  Most cable stations employ fact checks before condemning, but not those two. 


Does the use of distortion, exaggeration, and lies pay off for Fox News?  It certainly does.  A substantial portion of our society is gullible and easily swayed over political disinformation.  (Operatives at Fox News have already admitted this.) Just how do we combat this sad situation?  The question can be answered quite simply.  The vigor and energy used by Fox News to report so much inaccurate innuendo must be met with truth bombs with the same vigor used by right-wing operatives as they sell so much deception. 


Truth is truth, and must be represented properly in this important election year. 


Those eight senators and those 144 congressmen who voted "no" on the January 6, 2021, certification of the Presidency of Joe Biden, should never, never be allowed to comfortably live it down.  Why?  Because they took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and voted "no" without a shred of facts or evidence to support such a vote.  That makes it a vote against conscience. Did they also vote "no" with bravado and hostility toward the opposition party recklessly? You betcha!


Now we have ex-President Donald Trump often suggesting the United States is a country in decline.  Meanwhile, he has yet to condemn the killing of Alexie Navalny.  This ex-President was civilly convicted of rape by a jury and convicted of running his company in a dishonest manner by a judge, resulting in a court fine of nearly $500 million, between the two cases.  Four major cases still remain.  The tactics of delay and more delay by the ex-President seems disingenuous. If you are innocent, why not clear your name as quickly as possible? Does the ex-president and his many lawyers have a goal? They most certainly do. It is to get past the November 2024 election date without any trials.


Finally, Americans cannot rest until our obligation toward Ukraine is properly fulfilled.  All military personnel in America, the VFW, American Legion, all retired military officers, must speak up.  Every American that still loves our flag, our Constitution, and most of all, that have a desire to protect our children and grandchildren must see that the Ukrainians prevail over the tyranny of Vladimir Putin.


How do we accomplish our mission?  We do it by truth bombs—the telling of truth in the political marketplace.  Vladimir Putin kills his political opponents without shame or regret.  We do not practice that criminal behavior in the United States.  For 80 years we have supported freedom fighters throughout the world without reservation.  We must not shame ourselves before the eyes of the world, our children and a just God.  We will only have regrets to show history if we fail to act to protect our U.S. Constitution and our flag.


This is the year to be dedicated to truth, freedom and the spirit of our Founding Fathers.  We must make our children proud to remain Americans. 


Dear reader, note well that President Donald Trump once called those American soldiers who gave their lives for freedom in World War II “suckers”.  Well, we must never reject our past honorable triumphs over tyranny.

I will be 87 years old on March 22, and I pray that we will have fulfilled our promises to Ukraine before that date.

America must rise, not fall as we confront lies and disinformation at a critical time in our history. Let us find a renewed American spirit that will honor our Founding Fathers and a just God, by fulfilling our promise to Ukraine. We must embrace and maintain our honor and decency toward our freedom loving friends who were attacked by a bully looking to add to the geography of Russia.

C'mon, lets accept our duty to defend the free world which has been our destiny for the past 80 years.

Opening Image Photo Credits: Mark Wilson/Getty, Matthew Pearce/ICON Sportswire/Getty, Bloomberg, Thomas Brenner/Reuters, Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Francis Chung/Politico, Fox “News”, Kent Nishimura/LA Times, Asa Mathat

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