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What is Woke?

Past tense of wake? Ha! To be divisive to win votes, to pit one group against another, to be scornful and cruel, is NOT the American way. I will provide examples of woke politicians from our Nation's past who provided the path to a cordial, productive and harmonious political atmosphere.

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis is making a lot of noise recently about the term “woke”. Back in November of 2021, the New York Times Opinion writer Charles M. Blow said that woke is “…a word born as a simple yet powerful way of saying: “Be aware of and alert to how racism is systemic and pervasive and suffuses American life. Wake up from the slumber of ignorance and passive acceptance.” And he noted in that piece that the word would be co-opted by forces and used against the people who originally used it. A year plus later and the co-opting is only getting worse. But is it effective? No, it is just another way to debase your opponent behind the shield of hostility.

DeSantis is currently beta-campaigning as he talks to friendly crowds and shuns the free press. He can clearly dish it out- but can he take it? That’s what we all must know to protect that government those 55 men created so long ago. He uses the term woke as a weakness in his opponents. I believe I am “woke”, and proud of it! I am 86, I voted for Governors George Romney, William Milliken and even voted for Republican Ronald Reagan once. I will list past woke Presidents (in my opinion) since 1932, in order of their service.

President Franklin Roosevelt took over after the great depression - he founded dozens of social programs to save the country - Social Security, etc. He got behind Churchill to fight Nazi Germany (and Japan). In 1941 new draftees had to use fake wooden rifles in their training, yet by 1945 we had built 65 aircraft carriers, 100,000 aircraft, 5,000 liberty ships and the atomic bomb. The American soldiers fought valiantly to defeat Germany and Japan while our civilian force worked 24/7 to produce and supply their victory at home.

President Harry Truman gave us the Marshal Plan to save Europe from the Russian takeover of western European countries. He integrated the military. He served with honor and dignity. (While Vice President under F.D.R he was head of the war board in WWII and there was not a single case of criminality by an American manufacturer of war goods.)

President John Kennedy loved American history (he often quoted the Founding Fathers). He gave us a scare but made Russian Nikita Khrushchev remove his atomic missiles from Cuba. He was not fully committed to the Vietnam War. He was assassinated in the third year of his term.

President Lyndon Johnson gave us the 1964 voting rights bill and in 1965 the Medicare bill. He could not bring the Viet Nam war to a close and did not choose to serve for a second term.

President Jimmy Carter was a frugal spender in government. He deregulated the domestic airlines. He reduced the federal debt. He lost a second term because of the Iranian takeover of the US embassy in Tehran [and a delayed hostage release which was coordinated by the incoming Reagan Administration – but that’s another story!]

President Bill Clinton in his first year in office passed a tax hike to bring the Federal debt under control. It cost him the House of Representatives. He was impeached over an affair not government wrong doing. He served eight years and had as high as 72% approval rating. Two months before he left office he received a standing ovation when he visited Wall Street. He was the last President to balance the federal budget.

President Barack Obama in 2008 took over an out of control Federal government that was on the brink of collapse. His policies rescued our economy at home and abroad. His administration did not have a single criminal indictment from his appointees or associates. He served with faith and honor while passing The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) which is getting more popular with our citizens every year.

President Joe Biden (8 years the V.P. to Barack Obama) won the 2020 election fair and square. 60 lawsuits challenging his presidential victory went nowhere. Now he has reestablished the U.S. as a leader in the free world. China and Russia now know that Joe Biden is a civilized leader but carries a big stick. He has passed important bipartisan legislation and led the reaffirmation of the importance of NATO and the European Union. He is the moral force behind the need to protect Ukraine from Vladimir Putin.

Why did I cite all of the above Democratic Presidents? Because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would accuse them ALL of being “woke”. The governor wants to act tough, sound tough, he lacks a sense of humor unless it can be presented in a demeaning way.

Let me drop another truth bomb - the United States is a country of accountability no matter who you are - you must have allegiance to the Constitution and the rule of law.

I really feel there is a just God out there that is losing patience over the behavior of mankind.

To be divisive to win votes, to pit one group against another, to be scornful and cruel, is NOT the American way. My examples of woke politicians cited above provided the path to a cordial and harmonious political atmosphere. To fulfill the hopes our our Founding Fathers we must be strong and dedicated to truth. Every American must see their political duty and come to the aid of their country at this important time in history. God bless the United States and Ukraine. And may the "wokes" of America prevail!

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Apr 25, 2023

Excellent Greg. I agree. WOKE is just a term now that many of my buddies use to slam anything President Biden is doing. I appreciate understanding a little better where the term originated. But yes, WOKE is a way to pit one person against another.

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